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Office of Financial Audits

Assistant Inspector General for Financial Audits

Dory Dillard-Christian

Dory Dillard-ChristianAs Assistant Inspector General for Financial Audits, Ms. Dillard-Christian is responsible for providing executive level leadership and direction to OIG audits of the Department’s financial statements and management, as well as oversight of single audits that relate to the Department’s programs.

Dory joined the DOT OIG in 2004 as a senior auditor specializing in financial and program audits. In 2008, she was promoted to Project Manager in the Office of Acquisition and Procurement Audits. Subsequently, in 2013, she moved to the Office of Financial and Information Technology Audits where she managed a team of auditors who performed financial-related reviews. In 2020, she was promoted to Program Director in the Office of Financial Audits, where she led managers and staff that conduct financial management audits and reviews, including attestation engagements and oversight of Single Audits of non-federal grantees expending DOT funds.

Ms. Dillard-Christian has been instrumental in the 2020 conversion from a combined information technology and financial management auditing group to one dedicated solely to financial work. She is also known for issuing timely products on complex audits of DOT-wide programs that yield billions of dollars in cost savings. Dory has devoted her career to mentoring and developing junior staff and has received numerous awards in recognition of her many individual accomplishments, exceptional teamwork skills, and strong leadership abilities.

Ms. Dillard-Christian has over 21 years of government audit experience. Before joining DOT OIG, she served as an auditor at the Department of Justice and Social Security Administration OIGs. Prior to that, she was an internal auditor and contract specialist for the State of Maryland and Baltimore City. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Morgan State University.