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Thank you for your interest in a career or internship with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Office of Inspector General (OIG).

Who We Are

Since Congress established the Office of Inspector General in 1978, we have been dedicated to providing independent and objective reviews of the economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of DOT’s programs and operations. We are committed to detecting and preventing fraud, waste, and abuse within the Department. Headquartered in Washington, DC, OIG also maintains audit and investigative field offices throughout the country. The staff includes auditors, analysts, attorneys, special agents, computer scientists, economists, and experts in many other disciplines.

Why Work With OIG

Recruitment BrochureImpact: DOT-OIG’s work impacts the lives of every American, as the safe and efficient movement of people, goods, and information is vital to economic growth, global partnerships, and quality of life. Our audits and investigations lead to recoveries of significant amounts of improper payments, cost savings opportunities, and program improvements that directly enhance the safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of the Nation’s transportation infrastructure. It doesn’t stop there, though; our findings go straight to Congress and to the Secretary of Transportation for further action.

Stability & Employee Satisfaction: DOT-OIG consistently ranks in the top 20 percent of the Partnership for Public Service's Best Places to Work in the Federal Government. Culturally, we have shown consistent strengths in:

  • Employee Skills–Mission Match
  • Listening
  • Respect
  • Teamwork
  • Work-Life Balance

Benefits: Working for the American people has benefits that are available to all Federal employees,* such as retirement, life insurance, health/dental/vision insurance, family leave, paid time off, federal holidays, and a student loan forgiveness program.

In addition to the Government-wide benefits, DOT-OIG has other benefits specific to our organization including a mentoring program, advanced training opportunities, and flexible work schedules/telework.

      *Intern-specific benefits may vary; please email to learn more.

Careers & Internships

Whether you are looking for your next career step or just starting out in the workforce, there is a place you can fit in and impact change at DOT-OIG. The following are ways way in which you can join our team:

  • Competitive & Excepted Service
  • Pathways Recent Graduates Program
  • Pathways Internship Program
  • Volunteer Interns

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Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

DOT-OIG does its best work and provides the best experience to the traveling population when it promotes diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility among our workforce and in our workplace. To champion our vision for our organization, we continually strive to understand what we must do to achieve a diverse and inclusive work environment. In keeping with our motto, Mission First, People Always, our initiatives all have the following principle at their core: an expectation of civility.

Your voice matters. We are looking for committed individuals who are willing to learn, embrace, and empower a culture where it is safe to speak up and listen to others. Our work affects every aspect of how people move in the United States, and you have the opportunity to make a difference to ensure transportation is efficient, safe, and equitable. Your unique background, experience, thoughts, and much more matter.

For further information on starting your career with DOT-OIG and testimonials from some of our employees, see our brochure.

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